The Benefits of Collagen

Did you know that collagen is often called the body’s scaffolding?

It is one of the major building blocks that hold the bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments together. In fact, it comes from the Greek word "kólla," which means glue.

Collagen makes about 75% of the dry weight of our skin. It is the most abundant and vital protein in our bodies.

It is a major part of our connective tissue so it maintains the structure and the integrity of your skin.

For the past centuries, Chinese women have used collagen as a fountain of youth. They would regularly consume food like pig’s feet, shark fins, and donkey skin in order to smoothen out withered skin.

They may have been on to something then because today collagen is a byword when it comes to beauty.

Here are some of the skincare benefits attributed to collagen.

  • Increases elasticity making skin more smooth and supple
  • Provides the volume that plumps up the skin
  • Improves skin hydration to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduces sagging skin and stretch marks

Unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies break down collagen faster than we can replace it. We begin to lose as much as 30% during the first 5 years of menopause.

The best thing to do is to replace lost collagen with supplements that can work from the inside out. The collagen you find in topical creams can’t do the job because the molecules are too big to actually penetrate the skin.

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