Dr. Chasan's "ancient skincare secret"

Hi, there. Sandra here.

Yesterday I shared via email a key protein that keeps your skin from turning dull and saggy—elastin.

But elastin has one “fatal flaw”.

I’m talking about a biological kryptonite that degrades and destroys the elastin in your skin from the inside-out. The result is tragic:

Puffy skin, droopy eyelids, saggy jowls, and more...

Luckily, thanks to brand-new skincare technology, Dr. Chasan and the Del Mar Labs team were able to revive a proven method of protecting your elastin, based on an ancient skincare secret.

I’ll share that secret with you in a minute, but first you need to understand what causes your elastin to decay in the first place...

This “fatal flaw” is an enzyme known as elastase.

Elastase has no issue feeding on your elastin and breaking down your connective tissue, causing your skin to hang loose.

But what are the catalysts for producing elastase?

You’re probably familiar with these catalysts already: UV rays and free radicals.

Now, if you want to defend against UV rays, you know what I’m going to say: wear good sunscreen!

But free radicals are tougher to deal with.

When your cellular “engines” combine food and oxygen to make energy, their “exhaust fumes” become what are known as free radicals.

Free radicals are a dangerous byproduct of your cellular metabolism, and they can cause a lot of different skin problems.

One of those problems is that they can trigger your body to produce elastase!

Lucky for you, there is one magical elixir once used by the Ancient Greeks that kept their skin tight, bright, and bouncy…

Grape Seed Oil.

Olive oil may have reigned supreme in the kitchen, but it was grapeseed oil that our ancestors used on their sun-drenched skin.

This light, skin-friendly oil is brimming with tiny molecules known as ProanthoCyanidin Oligomers, or “PCOs” for short.

After modern science put PCOs under a magnifying glass, scientists quickly realized that PCOs are…

The Greatest Innovation In Modern Skincare

What can PCOs do for your skin? Studies show that:

1. PCOs can block elastase.

Yes, the PCOs in Grape Seed Extract have been clinically shown to block elastase production, the problematic enzyme that sucks the springiness out of your skin.

That means tighter, firmer, bouncier skin—all thanks to this miracle molecule.

2. PCOs can inhibit DNA mutation.

These incredible PCOs can actually halt the changes that UV rays make to your skin’s DNA, which is why study after study highlights their ability to reduce redness and spotting, vastly improving your skin’s complexion.

3. PCOs can help your body produce more collagen.

One recent study confirmed that PCOs trigger the release of vascular endothelial growth factor, along with the promotion of fibroblasts.

In simple terms, this means PCOs help your body produce more collagen!

One study showed that 100% of patients who took a Grape Seed Extract cream reported their skin had completely healed from a recent wound within just ten days.

4. PCOs can bind to collagen and provide protection.

PCOs are master antioxidants—twenty times stronger than Vitamin C and fifty times stronger than Vitamin A.

These are the sort of friends that your collagen wants nearby, and fortunately, PCOs seek out collagen and bind to it for enhanced protection.

Today, you have a chance to experience all of these benefits for yourself.

At Del Mar Laboratories, we’ve worked with our scientists to perfect the extraction of these miraculous molecules from grapeseed oil, and we’re proud to deliver a stunning 95% yield on our extraction process.

That means our formula is pure, packed tight, and unbelievably potent.

We call it...

PCO Pro:
The Science-Backed Upgrade
To An Ancient Skin Secret

PCO Pro is a potent grapeseed oil extract, brimming with all the PCOs your skin needs to stay tight, bright, and snappy—the skin secret of the ancients, brought back to life with Del Mar Laboratories’ breakthrough extraction technology!

Nothing else protects your elastin—the protein responsible for the bounce, softness, and snap that most women think disappears with age—like PCO Pro does.

You’ll watch in amazement as you reset your skin’s biological clock and experience the same glow of your youth...

Just by taking 2 small, easy-to-swallow pills a day.

PCO Pro will be ready for release TOMORROW, December 8 at 11 AM Eastern.

If you want to ensure your skin remains tight, healthy, and radiant, then you’ll want to be among the first to get your hands on Dr. Chasan’s powerful new formula.

As you can imagine, it’s incredibly difficult to keep these ingredients potent and stable after they have been extracted.

That’s why our first production run is only 750 bottles. So when it becomes available, you’ll want to act fast to claim your supply.

If I had to guess, given how large the Del Mar Labs’ community is and the limited nature of our first production run, we’ll (likely) sell out within 2-3 days, maybe sooner.

So I recommend setting a reminder for December 8 at 11 AM EST — that’s when we’ll send you the email containing the link to secure your bottle(s) of PCO Pro: The premium-grade, luxury skincare treatment that will have your skin glowing like a Santorini sunset.

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To your health!
Sandra Wright
Assistant to Dr. Chasan