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CollaPure 1 bottle
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CollaPure 3 bottles
CollaPure 6 bottles
CollaPure 1 bottle
CollaPure 1 bottle
CollaPure 3 bottles
CollaPure 6 bottles
CollaPure 3 bottles
CollaPure 6 bottles

“I Can See It In My Skin And Feel It In My Step. And I Love That I Can Trust Its Purity”

Katie, Verified CollaPure Customer


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Feed your body the cleanest, purest collagen in the world. Proven in clinical studies to…

  • Significantly Reduce Facial Lines & Wrinkles
  • Significantly Reduce Dry And Scaling Skin
  • Significantly Increase Collagen In The Dermis

100% No BS, 90-Day Guarantee

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The Protein That Your Skin Craves

Shiny hair, plump skin, comfy joints… Collagen has a long list of documented benefits.

It only makes sense to add collagen to your diet as you age. Your body produces less and less with every passing year. And unfortunately, the collagen in your skin degrades with time, contributing to wrinkles, and deep dermal collapse.


The Ugly Truth About Collagen

Despite its potential, Dr. Chasan had a hard time recommending collagen to his patients.

That’s because most commercial collagen supplements are extracted from cow bones – and many come from cows raised in Brazil.

Unfortunately, cow bones can be magnets for toxins and heavy metals in the soil, and the water supply. And with Brazil’s long list of environmental catastrophes, there’s a real risk that many popular collagen supplements are tainted.

CollaPure Is The Pure Collagen That Your Skin Craves

CollaPure features collagen that’s extracted from the bones of pasture-raised, free-range chickens, right here in the USA. It’s the only collagen that Dr. Chasan recommends, and thanks to an exclusive arrangement, Del Mar Laboratories is proud to make it publicly available.

The clean collagen in CollaPure has been exhaustively studied, and has been proven to be free of toxins and heavy metals.

And the results speak for themselves:

Natural Aging Sun Exposure Human Skin Study (2011) on facial aging signs (1000mg/day, 12 weeks).

Clinically Proven Benefits For Your Skin And Joints

The CollaPure formula is proven to…

  • Be bursting with skin-improving glysosamioglycans
  • Improve skin elasticity and “bounce”
  • Help skin tissue hold onto moisture
  • Support production of healthy new collagen and cartilage
  • Combat both natural aging, and sun exposure

We believe that it’s the best collagen formula in the world, and the only formula that has earned Dr. Chasan’s recommendation. Try it for just thirty days, and we think you’ll agree.

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Julie V.
United States United States
CollaPure experience

This is the latest supplement from Del Mar Labs that I’ve started taking. I am now taking ALL of your amazing supps. I really think that each and every one of them delivers as promised. I can see and feel great results. I plan on taking these forever! So happy to have found Dr. Chasen’s little miracle pills.

Del Mar Laboratories CollaPure Review
A Del Mar Laboratories Customer
Phyllis L.
United States United States


Del Mar Laboratories CollaPure Review
Karen M.
United States United States
Love it!

I live in the Palm Dprings area and this product has plumped my skin. I have noticed smoother skin .

Audrey K.
United States United States
CeraLift, HydraGlo, Collapure

I’m using all three of your skin products. I believe I’m seeing a difference for the better. I’m 83 years old with thin skin so it will take time. Thank you for your products. Audrey

Marna B.
United States United States
‘Capsule’ collagen

What an easy way to help your skin....I only ordered one bottle to begin with, but will order more.

Kim O.
United States United States
Pure Bliss!

I have been taking Collapure for about two months now, and I'm hooked! Dr. Paul Chasan has another home run! My body feel great, my skin looks good and not that I was trying to stop using my expensive "over priced" moisturizers, but I totally forgot all about them! Before, after washing my face I immediately needed an emollient, but now - I go all day without, yet my face and body feel smooth, and supple. However, If I go outside I make an effort to remember sunblock because it's important. Before I start using any of Dr. Chasan's products - I stop using other products to see what the new product is actually doing for me, if anything. So, when I added "Ceralift" back to my routine, and later "InnerLght" - oh boy what a blissful state of being. I don't how he's doing it, but I believe between Dr. Chasan knowledge, compassion, and wisdom joined with the integrity of Del Mar Laboratories to give us the best quality at affordable prices "magic was made". Dr. P. Chasan when I first started using your products, which was not long ago... I had visible dark spotted - aging skin, and very noticeable hanging jowls. NO more jowls!!! and my skin looks great and feels even better! Right before my eyes my body is transforming into a younger me. Ladies if you have extra unwanted weight on the belly or where ever PLEASE try InnerLight! NO joke! my arms, belly, and legs are slimming up and I'm not doing any extra activity. BUT now I have the energy to do so, and will. Thank you for finding me! Please continue to bless us and share your discoveries - Women need you!

Del Mar Laboratories

The Del Mar Laboratories 90-Day Guarantee

Try CollaPure for a month. Or save by subscribing or ordering 3-month or 6-month packages. No matter what you choose, you’re protected by our no-hassle, guarantee: love what CollaPure does for your skin, or your money back.

A Personal Message from Dr. Paul Chasan

Dr. Paul Chasan

I’m very excited for the release of CollaPure. Our collagen is the cleanest and purest that I’ve ever seen, and the first one that I’ve ever felt comfortable recommending to my patients. I’d advise anyone to give CollaPure a try for a few months – you’re going to see the difference on your skin, and feel it in your joints.

- Dr. Paul Chasan

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Full List of Ingredients? And Are There Any Allergens?

Please have a look at the label in the photos above. You’ll find a high dose of our ultra-clean BioCell Collagen, as well as high doses of MSM and Glucosamine.

While we believe that CollaPure is far cleaner than standard collagen products, please note that it contains shrimp and crab – that’s where our glucosamine comes from.

How Does CollaPure Work?

The collagen in CollaPure is broken into amino acids when you digest it, which then support the production of healthy new collagen and cartilage.

Other by-products of digestion are chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid, which are also proven to support healthy skin moisture and elasticity.

And because our BioCell Collagen is so pure, it’s highly bioavailable, which means more beautiful and bouncy skin inside every precious capsule.

How Do I Take CollaPure?

It’s two small capsules, just once daily. You can take them with or without a meal, at any time of the day. If you don’t like to take pills, you’re welcome to empty the capsules into a glass of water or your favorite beverage.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Seven human clinical trials support the safety, efficacy, and bioavailability of our collagen. We can confidently say that CollaPure is safe, and side-effect free for most people.

The only possible risk comes from the small amount of shellfish in the product, from the glucosamine. If you have any allergies or issues with shellfish, please consult your doctor before taking CollaPure.

Can I Take More For Better Results?

Yes, you can. CollaPure is 100% safe to take in larger doses, and for patients and customer who really want to see big changes, Dr. Chasan recommends six pills a day – two with each meal of the day. If that interests you, then please consider the 6-bottle option – you’ll save the most money, and you’ll have two risk-free months to try and be amazed by.

How Quickly Will I Receive My Order?

CollaPure orders are packed every afternoon, M-F, at our clean Nevada warehouse, and sent out via USPS Priority Mail the following day. Depending on how far you live from Salt Lake City, you can expect your shipment to arrive within 2-4 days after it has been sent. If you have any questions or concerns about your shipment, we urge you to contact us so we can make sure it gets to you.

How Does The Refund Policy Work?

Simply give us a call at 1-888-361-8645 or email us at for return instructions. Once we have received your completed return form with your valid return tracking number, we will issue your refund. If you do not reply, we will refund once our warehouse has recorded your return. Please note, the warehouse can take up to 2 weeks for this process.

Get Nature’s Cleanest Collagen Now

There’s no collagen on earth quite like CollaPure. For skin health and joint health, it’s second-to-none. And as the first collagen to carry Dr. Chasan’s recommendation, you can have confidence that it will work like nothing else on the market.

100% No BS, 90-Day Guarantee

Subscribers save 10% on every bottle

Free shipping on every order!