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“I’m 82 And Have Hair Coming In!”

- Hazel, Verified NutriTress Customer

Nutritress 1 bottle
Nutritress 1 bottle
NutriTress 3 Bottles
NutriTress 3 Bottles
NutriTress 6 Bottles
NutriTress Facts
NutriTress 3 Bottles
NutriTress 6 Bottles
Nutritress 1 bottle
Nutritress 1 bottle
NutriTress 3 Bottles
NutriTress 3 Bottles
NutriTress 6 Bottles
NutriTress Facts
NutriTress 3 Bottles
NutriTress 6 Bottles

Nourish your hair from within. NutriTress can stop hair loss in its tracks, thicken each strand, and regrow hair you thought you had lost forever. The result of years of research, clinical studies, and trials, NutriTress is a truly special hair restoration solution that actually works!

<p>Subscribers save 10% on every bottle.</p>

Subscribers save 10% on every bottle.

<p>100% No BS, 1 year Guarantee</p>

100% No BS, 1 year Guarantee

<p>Free shipping on every order!</p>

Free shipping on every order!


  • Helps “Failing Follicles” Recover And Grow
  • Provides Essential Hair Growth Nutrients
  • Improves Hair, Scalp, & Follicle Health

The Sad Truth About Hair Loss

Make no mistake, losing your hair is devastating. But if it’s happening to you, you’re not alone: more than 30 million women are struggling with this condition.1 Of course, no one loves how it makes them look. But even worse is what it does to your self-confidence! 

It’s no secret that our bodies change with age. And many people experience hair loss, thinning, receding, or miniaturized hair strands as a result of Follicular Failure. That’s when a naturally-produced steroid called DHT causes your follicles to go dormant. 2

DHT is a by-product of testosterone, and yes, women also produce testosterone to help balance estrogen levels. Unfortunately, DHT literally starves your hair follicles of the nutrients they need. 

You could be suffering from Follicular Failure if you’re starting to notice:

  • More hair left on your pillow...
  • More hair on your comb or brush than normal...
  • You’re starting to “see through” your hairline to the scalp underneath, or…
  • Your hair is looking rather flat with a loss of volume...

Normally, a hair can stay on your head for up to 6 years - and when it falls out, it’s replaced by new, strong, healthy hair. However, when there is too much DHT in your body, it binds to receptor cells in your hair follicles, and strangles any new hair growth!3 And mild cases of Follicular Failure can progress into Total Follicular Failure - an accelerated rate of hair loss and increased thinning that we all hope to avoid.

NutriTress: Nourish Your Hair From Within

After years of research and testing, Del Mar Laboratories is proud to announce NutriTress - a real solution for retaining that lush, vibrant, healthy hair of your youth.

NutriTress uses our “P3 Protocol” for hair growth:

  • Prevent DHT from putting your follicles to sleep
  • Provide your follicles with critical nutrients for growth
  • Push those nutrients through your bloodstream right to the follicles in your scalp.

Simply put, the follicle is what produces your hair, and NutriTress feeds it the nutrients it needs to keep growing!

Step 1: Prevent DHT

By combining 4 meticulously researched all natural compounds, we are able to block DHT from binding to receptor cells and cover all bases needed for healthy hair follicles. We combined Saw Palmetto Berry Extract (SPE), Beta Sitosterol (with Gamma Linolenic Acid), Pygeum Bark Extract, and Stinging Nettle Root Extract to form the ultimate defense from DHT destroying your hair follicles.4

Step 2: Provide Nutrients

To stimulate new hair growth, we need to deliver critical nutrients to your hair follicles. So we’ve enlisted six ingredients that can accelerate overall hair follicle health:5 Biotin, Copper, Zinc, Cysteine, Methionine, and Methylsulfonylmethane.

Step 3: Push Nutrients

It’s one thing to introduce vital nutrients to your body, but it’s another to make sure those nutrients circulate through your bloodstream, to get to your scalp and deliver the hair growth results that you expect.6 Through a combination of Grape Seed Extract, Horsetail, DIM, and Green Tea Extract, our NutriTress formula is able to delivers results like nothing else available this side of surgery or a prescription.

Clinically Proven to Restore Hair Growth and Overall Hair Health (and lots of confidence, too)

NutriTress begins to deliver visible results in just two weeks! Based on clinical studies, the longer you use NutriTress, the better your results! That’s why 98% of our customers who started NutriTress have continued their treatment.

  • Support the restoration of hair follicles
  • Nutrient rich formula packed with natural ingredients and health benefits
  • Improve the volume & vibrancy of your hair
  • Easily combat natural aging

For less than a trip to the salon, our proprietary formula has shown to be effective on women aged 20-70. NutriTress is the only formula that combines all of the exact ingredients you need, in the proper dosages, to feed luscious, show-stopping hair.

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Stephanie T. Wright
United States United States

Love the product. My hair feels and looks much better.

Elizabeth K.
United States United States

i personally am not impressed with this product. i do not see any imprvements in the wrinkles on my face, especially around the mouth. i am discontinuing to keep on reciving it. Elizabeth Kramer

Diana M.
United States United States
Nutri Tress works!

Plain and simple, this works!!! My hair is growing, and it feels healthy!

Hazel M.
Uruguay Uruguay

glad u ask me.....have tried very thing to try to stop loosing my hair and when I was in the 6th grade my hair got caught in a old maytag wringer...was about to give up and go bald and I tried your product and can't believe it....I am 82 and have hair coming in plus my hair that pulled out buy the wringer thank u so much,,,also it has helped my nails all they use to do is crack split and break again thank u will continue to use product

Denise N.
United States United States
It is working

It has been 3 weeks of using NutriTress and I drastically see new hair growth around my temples! I'm so relieved and also excited for the next three week to pass because my hair loss issues will FINALLY be a non issue.

Julie M.
United States United States

I'm not sure anything can help me, I am almost finished with bottle one,and seen nor results, but I will persist. I have alopecia areata so my immune system has gone cannibal, therefore an extreme case. But, unlike other hair supplements that smell so bad they are hard to choke down, these have little to no odor and have caused no stomach issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does NutriTress work?

It’s a 3-step process that deals with Follicular Failure and the three primary reasons for hair loss: Either there’s excess DHT flowing to the hair follicles, or you’re not consuming hair-restoring nutrients, or you’re consuming the nutrients, but they’re not getting to the scalp.

NutriTress solves all three problems, to restore the rich, lustrous hair of your youth.

How long will it take to get results?

Every person's hair is unique, but most NutriTress users report visible results 14-30 days after they begin taking it. Many have noticed improved scalp health and shine within weeks of beginning their journey. Hair growth is a gradual process, but you will feel a difference week after week when you take these incredible hair vitamins as part of your daily routine.

Continued use for at least four to six months is usually needed to see the full potential of your hair transformation. Consistency is the key to lasting results!

How Do I Take NutriTress?

It’s just one small capsule, taken daily. You can take it with or without a meal, at any time of the day. If you don’t like to take pills, you’re welcome to empty the capsules into a glass of water or your favorite beverage.

Will it work for me?

NutriTress is proven to work on every woman from age 20-70. You can expect lost and thinning hair to regrow, and the hair that you have to become thicker and lusher the more you use NutriTress.

How do I know NutriTress clinical formula is a safe product?

NutriTress uses high quality ingredients that are GRAS, generally recognized as safe by the FDA. This product does not contain synthetic fillers, harsh chemicals, artificial flavorings, colors such as Silicon dioxide, caramel or maltodextrin.

But of course, we recommend speaking with your physician before taking any dietary supplement including Nutritress.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

We’ve got you covered. The team here at Del Mar agreed to offer a full 365-day money-back-guarantee. If any time between today, and a year from today, you’re not totally thrilled, simply call or email the Del Mar team and we’ll return every penny you pay today. You don’t need to provide a reason why. You’ll just get an easy, hassle-free refund of the full price you pay today.

Will hair start to grow on parts of my body that I don't want?

Hair will NOT begin to grow on new or unwanted parts of your body. The hair cycle for the rest of your body is much slower than the hair cycle for your scalp. NutriTress is designed to help the growth of directly on your scalp and does not contain any hormones.


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