Nourish The Skin From Within

Del Mar Labs presents a whole new way to nurture and protect aging skin from within. Dr. Paul Chasan’s signature formulas help replenish key skin nutrients, working with your body’s natural processes to restore the skin of your youth.

Introducing Our Premier Formula:


Nourish the skin from within, with Dr. Paul Chasan’s proprietary formula. Clinically proven to reverse years of Dermal Collapse, and restore firm, moist, radiant skin.

Over a decade in development, Ceralift replenishes a key skin nutrient that declines with age. Rather than sitting on top of the skin, like moisturizers and creams, CeraLift delivers its key nutrients directly from the bloodstream – just like your body did in its youth.

CeraLift works like nothing else, which is why it delivers results like no age defying products that have come before it. It is truly a revolution in skin care, and for the first time, Dr. Chasan has made it available to the public.

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About Dr. Paul Chasan

Dr. Chasan is one of California’s leading plastic surgeons. His clinic is located in the heart of Del Mar, California, one of the country’s most prestigious zip codes. He has performed over 25,000 surgeries in his career, and is known by many as the “fixer upper” – the surgeon who saves patients after two or three other botched operations. Dr. Chasan holds a patent on a novel surgical device, and is a frequent guest lecturer at UCSD. Now, with Del Mar Laboratories, he is finally making his clinical formulas available to the rest of the world.