How to Age Gracefully


Are you at that point in your life when you sometimes wish you were younger? 

We’re not just talking about the way you look, but about the way you feel as well.  

There’s no stopping time and adding years to our life since it is the natural order of things. 

But there are some things we can do about it.  

There are a lot of ways to look and feel our best despite our age. 

Here are some of them :


Eating the right kind of food can make a huge difference in your health, mood, and appearance.

It’s all about replenishing the nutrients your body needs. 

You may have to adjust your diet based on your age.  

Women in their 50s crave more carbs and sugar due to their plunging estrogen levels. This may lead to midlife weight gain and can accelerate aging.
Make sure to eat enough vegetables and fruits. They contain antioxidants that reverse the signs of aging.

Good fats like Omega-3 fatty acids which are found in walnuts, salmon, and tuna help protect your skin and make it look younger. 

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A study from Yale University revealed that people who had a positive attitude towards aging lived 7.5 years longer than those who didn’t.  

This outlook creates a self-fulfilling prophecy that helps people stay mentally, physically and psychologically younger. It also helps insulate us against the stressors and negative experiences age brings.  

To gain a positive outlook:

  • Be more socially engaged and integrated into the community. 
  • Keep your brain active and stimulated.
  • Find a purpose that gives your life meaning and satisfaction.  

Seeing the positive side of growing older makes you happier and keeps you looking younger. 


Our body is made up of 60% water. And as we grow older, the water content in our body decreases. 

We need to restore our hydration levels.  

Water carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells and pushes waste out. If toxins and waste accumulate in our cells, our cells deteriorate and die. 

Water also gives us fresh, soft glowing skin. It maintains our body temperature which keeps our skin moist. It also hydrates and replenishes skin tissue which improves our skin’s elasticity. 

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Exercise releases endorphins which make us feel good and improves our energy levels. It also builds muscle - something we lose as we get older.  

Getting exercise can mean regular walks, playing with the grandkids, taking the stairs and even yoga to keep your heart rate up and keep you looking young and healthy. 

Exercise is great for the skin because it increases the blood flow to cells, and carries away waste So it cleanses the skin as well. 

Exercise also reverses bone loss. It straightens your posture and develops your back and shoulders. It makes you look confident and energetic, which makes you look and feel younger. 


As we age, cell turnover slows down. Lack of sleep will prevent skin from renewing itself,  making it look dull and haggard.  

That’s why getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night is a must.  

A surge of growth hormones appears while we are sleeping. These hormones play a big part in maintaining collagen and elastin which are the essential building blocks of young, glowing skin. 

Sleep gives your skin cells more time to recover from the negative effects of the sun and the environment, thus delaying the aging process. 

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There are a lot of other ways you can embrace your age both gracefully and gratefully. 

So don’t let growing old stop you from doing what you want to do and living your best life yet.

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