Why Your Skin Is Worse During Lockdown

Lack of Vitamin D

Most of you haven’t been going outdoors much. So you haven’t been exposing yourselves to too much sun damage. But staying indoors also reduces your exposure to the sunshine vitamin - Vitamin D.

This vitamin plays an essential role in skin protection, rejuvenation, cell growth, and repair.

No wonder your skin has been looking dull, pale, and sallow.

Vitamin D helps fight free radicals that lead to skin aging. That’s why it’s crucial to get the right levels of vitamin D.

Get your daily dose of skin-enhancing nutrients, including Vitamin D, from Ceralift.

It has antioxidants to protect and repair skin from damage caused by free radicals. And copper, which is essential for melanin production - the pigment that gives your skin color.

Poor Diet

During times of crisis and uncertainty, people turn to comfort foods to cheer themselves up.

We give in to inflammatory foods like sweets, dairy, processed meats, and refined carbohydrates that cause our skin to break out. Your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, thereby affecting your skin.

To improve your skin, you must eat well. Eat a balanced diet, packed with vitamins and minerals.

Drink lots of water to flush out toxins and keep your skin hydrated.

Lack of sleep

There are a lot of people who can’t sleep because of what’s going on.

Sleep deprivation can be detrimental to your skin. It can affect your skin’s ability to regenerate and replace damaged or dead cells with new ones.

During sleep, your skin relaxes and recovers after a hard day. So make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep to get that fresh morning glow.

Make sure your skin is getting all the opportunities to recover and renew itself, even though you lack sleep.

Take HydraGlo.

HydraGlo replenishes your skin's moisture by increasing your hyaluronic acid levels.

Help your skin soak up the moisture from the environment and get that plumper, firmer, healthier, and more supple skin.

Increased Stress

Coping with the uncertainty and fear caused by a pandemic is enough to stress out anybody.

This constant worrying will result in our body producing more Cortisol, a stress hormone that helps regulate a person’s mood, fear, and fight-or-flight response.

Cortisol causes sugar levels in the bloodstream to spike up - producing sebum, leading to skin flare-ups.

You can de-stress by doing activities that allow you to relax and unwind, such as yoga.

Enjoying your day, breathing deeply, or doing your favorite hobby also helps.

Skin routine

You may not be wearing as much makeup which is good. This allows your skin to breathe.

But we also bet that you’ve been slacking on your skincare routine.

Natural cellular build-up still occurs on our skin so stick to your regular routine of washing your face and applying toner and moisturizer to prevent breakouts.

Also, start exfoliating, if you haven’t already, to get rid of dead skin, oil and dirt build-up.

Make CollaPure a part of your skincare routine to fortify your skin’s building blocks.

CollaPure supports moisture retention, collagen production, and skin elasticity.

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Give your skin the nutrients it needs. Help it recover and bring back its healthy, and youthful glow.

So include Ceralift, HydraGlo, and CollaPure in your skincare arsenal.

And by the time this crisis is over, you’ll be ready to go out with renewed, revitalized, and rejuvenated skin.

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