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RejuvaTress 1 Bottle
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“OMG my hair is ACTUALLY growing back and thicker!”

Stephanie, Verified RejuvaTress Customer



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If you’ve got thinning, lackluster hair, your follicles need help! RejuvaTress is triple-action formula to support beautiful, lustrous hair growth, and help you defeat follicle failure. With Dr. Chasan’s P3 Hair Protocol, RejuvaTress can help you hair look better than it has in years!

  • Protect Hair Follicles From Destructive Chemicals
  • Provide Nutrients for Healthy Hair Growth
  • Push Nutrients to the Scalp, for Maximum Potency

100% No BS, 90-Day Guarantee

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Dr. Chasan, on RejuvaTress:

Anyone who wants thicker, lusher, more beautiful hair… anyone who wants to stop follicle failure dead in its tracks… anyone who wants the confidence and joy of feeling like a teenager again… simply has to try RejuvaTress. It’s the world’s only hair treatment with our “P3 Protocol.” It helps improve the health of the scalp, the follicles, and each and every strand of hair on the head… RejuvaTress is a complete treatment.

- Dr. Paul Chasan

Daily Defense Against Follicle Failure

Imagine that each strand of hair was a vine in the rainforest. Now, imagine taking a vine out of the ground, and sticking it in a sealed vase, where it couldn’t be watered or fertilized. First, the vine itself would get weak and wispy, then the root would die.

This is exactly what happens when follicles get “sealed off” by hormones like DHT, toxins, and inflammation. It can happen to women as early as their twenties, but it’s most common during times of hormonal change, such as post-pregnancy, or during menopause.

Adding to these issues, the body produces less of the compounds that your hair needs over time. And just like with that vine from the rainforest - “If the soil is depleted, the plant can’t grow.”

The RejuvaTress P3 Formula For Health Hair

RejuvaTress is a triple-action formula for defending against follicle failure. 

It starts protection: a Follicle Defense Complex - saw palmetto, Stinging Nettle Root, Beta Sitosterol, and Pygeum Bark Extract. Each of these ingredients has been shown to defend follicles from the harmful effects of hormones and toxins, and even help repair damaged follicles.

Then RejuvaTress provides hair with a Nutrient Complex: biotin, copper, zinc methionine, MSM, and cysteine. These ingredients nourish follicles, and provide much needed “fertilizer” for healthy new hair.

Finally, RejuvaTress helps push those nutrients to the scalp, with a Circulation Complex: Grape Seed Extract, and Green Tea Extract. Both shown to increase circulation, and defend against free radical damage.

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N N.
United States United States

Lovely Locks

I LOVE REJUVATRESS!! I had very thin hair and I was not sure what was causing it (could be multiple factors), but I no longer have to wear my extensions. I am thrilled!

Del Mar Laboratories RejuvaTress Review
Joan k.
United States United States

Hair growth product from Del Mar

RejuvaTress allowed me to grow a pony tail after wearing short hair for several years. I am happy with Dr. Chasen's new product. Joan Kahr

Del Mar Laboratories RejuvaTress ReviewDel Mar Laboratories RejuvaTress Review
United States United States

Amazing Hair Supplement Vitamin

I started RejuvaTress back in Oct. 2020. Never bothered with hair growth supplements bec. I hardly heard of good ones. This one, however, has made a nice breakthrough! I noticed baby hair growing in the front, above my forehead. A ton of them, like weeds growing wildly on the ground! Now I have to manage the "baby hair" and they look best like bangs. My hairline has narrowed as well. My hairdresser commented one day that my hair has grown 40% in volume and I was elated to hear that! I am getting RejuvaTress for my 81-yr old mom, who complains of thinning hair. Hope it will work for her, too!

Del Mar Laboratories RejuvaTress Review
Agnes K.
United States United States

It works

Love this and will continue using it

United States United States



Diane E.
United States United States

It actually works!,,

This is the first thing that has actually worked! I have used everything including the laser light ball caps. I haven’t noticed new hair coming in yet, but I have noticed old hair not coming out when I shampoo. I have only used it for 2 months but there’s a definite difference.

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100% No BS, 90-Day Guarantee

Subscribers save 10% on every bottle

Free shipping on every order!