"Fix Without Fillers!”

2020: New Discovery Gives Women A “35% Increase In Skin Firmness,

Plus An 8% Reduction In Appearance of Fine Lines And Wrinkles1

Megyn was 49 years old and the coronavirus had her scared, in more ways than one.

She couldn’t visit my office because of the COVID-19 lockdown rules.

And four long months without her usual fillers had her looking in the mirror with sad eyes…

...and reaching out with a desperate email:

“Dr. Chasan, I don’t know when this coronavirus thing is going to end, but I’m starting to look older by the day… I need to do something.

But it wasn’t just her appearance that had her frayed.

Megyn had also been furloughed, and didn’t feel right spending her savings on expensive injections.

Of course, I didn’t feel right taking it, either.

As I went about my day, I couldn’t keep Megyn’s plea off my mind.

I was going stir crazy being on lockdown myself, and I needed something positive to focus on.

So I Started Researching...

After several weeks of intense study, I discovered an amazingly simple way to slow and even reverse the aging process of your skin.

I’ve been telling all my patients - and now I’m letting you in on what I’ve discovered.

And it doesn't involve expensive beauty creams, harsh chemicals or cosmetic procedures.

Best of all, unlike filler injections which can leave your skin bruised, sore and puffy - this trick can be your little secret!

It’s something you’re already familiar with…

Something you’re quite possibly taking already…

Vitamin C:
The “Natural Filler”

Yes, the research is crystal clear:

Vitamin C rapidly increases collagen synthesis2

In other words, it supports the growth of one of your skin’s most important building blocks…

From smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, to evening out skin tone and lightening age spots, Vitamin C delivers the goodness. 3

And while our bodies produce less collagen as we age, it’s not a simple matter of supplementing with collagen.

Yes, that can help... but without ample Vitamin C, all the collagen in the world won’t actually become healthy new skin tissue.

In my medical opinion, it’s more important to get extra Vitamin C than it is to supplement with collagen.

Sure, collagen support is reason enough, but Vitamin C is also

One Of Mother Nature’s
Most Powerful AntiOxidants4

What happens to an apple core when it’s exposed to the air?

It browns.

What happens when an iron nail is exposed to water and oxygen?

It rusts.

And the same thing happens to our skin.5

Yes, free radicals cause healthy skin cells to oxidize… leading to wrinkles and sagging.

If you’re already taking CeraLift, then you know the name for this condition:


However, antioxidants like vitamin C neutralize free radicals BEFORE they have a chance to damage the skin.6

There’s only one problem

Vitamin C Supplements & Serums:
The Big Catch

The dirty little secret of the beauty industry is that Vitamin C is only as good as its ability to get where the body needs it.

Unfortunately, Vitamin C taken orally (or even using IVs and topicals) gives you a tiny fraction of what’s shown on the product’s ingredient label.7

Look at it this way:

Just because you buy 1000mg of Vitamin C doesn’t mean you’re absorbing 1000mg.

No way. Even if it’s from fresh-squeeze orange juice.

Get this:

A BIG 12,000mg DOSE of Vitamin C would ONLY result in about 16%, or 1920mg of Vitamin C being absorbed by your body.

Yes - even if it’s dripping in from an IV!

And if you’re using a topical Vitamin C serum… well…

Since you’re already a Del Mar Laboratories customer, you know that it’s not penetrating your skin for deep, restorative effects.


Here’s The RIGHT Way
To Get Vitamin C

Simply put, it has to be liposomal C.

Allow me to explain:

Under a microscope, liposomes are very tiny balls of fat with an inner “payload” of a water-soluble substance, such as... our skin rejuvenation activator, vitamin C.

If you think of liposomes as candy, they’re kinda like a Tootsie Pop with “the chocolatey center” inside.

What makes liposomes really special is they can deliver their active ingredient (in this case, Vitamin C) directly into the cells of your body without using energy.8

They pass through a cell’s membrane effortlessly, unleashing its payload once inside.

As an added bonus, liposomes protect Vitamin C from harsh digestion and oxidation before its absorbed completely into your cells.9

When vitamin C can be delivered into the cells of your body without loss... without energy consumption...  

The benefits can be optimized in a way so powerful, even expensive IV injections fail to match up.10

How To Know If Your
Vitamin C Is Getting Absorbed

It’s easy: take a Vitamin C supplement with 16 ounces of water.

Then, next time you sit down to pee, look at how yellow the water is.

Yes… you’re literally flushing money down the toilet with standard vitamin C.

Liposomes however, overcome ALL the bioavailability restrictions. 11

Because of their tiny size, they are able to be absorbed through the intestinal wall and even through cellular membranes.12

Now you’re getting the FULL DOSE.

And when you look in the mirror, you can see the full, beautiful effects!

New collagen starts to be synthesized… your skin firms up… age spots fade… your tone evens out and your skin is clearer and brighter than it has been in years.

Bottom line? Abundant supplies of Vitamin C become available to help build and maintain your collagen matrix, providing smooth, youthful-looking skin.

That’s why I call it the natural filler.

But it gets better, because with a regular full dose, you can even start to REVERSE sun damage...13

Study: Liposomal Vitamin C

Improves Skin Quality By A Huge 35%14

Sun damage is one of the main causes of skin aging - wreaking havoc on your skin’s supportive and structural proteins, collagen and elastin.

Since Vitamin C is needed for collagen production, researchers wanted to know if liposomal Vitamin C might play a role in anti-aging nutrition.

So in a December 2014 study by Princeton Consumer Research Ltd., researchers conducted a double-blind placebo-controlled study.

Their goal?

To better understand the impact of liposomal vitamin C on skin firmness and wrinkling.

Amazingly, a detailed photographic assessment revealed:

Those who took only a normal 1000mg of liposomal Vitamin C per day saw a 35% increase in skin firmness and an 8% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Just imagine if they had taken more during the study!

The evidence is overwhelming...

Liposomes are the best way to deliver Vitamin C into the skin cells.

In fact, I believe they’re the (only) way to go.

So much so, my team at Del Mar and I decided to develop...

1000mg of Pure, Liposomal C

AfterGlo is the ONLY way to guarantee that your body gets the Vitamin C it needs each day.

Just take it for two weeks, and watch as your skin starts to “fill in” and regain its plump, radiant glow.

It’s the megadose of liposomal Vitamin C that aging skin needs.

Just one delicious spoonful per day, taken with a cool glass of water.

(I take mine in the morning, with my CeraLift and HydraGlo).

And as you likely know, Vitamin C’s benefits extend well beyond skin health.

Immunity, anti-aging, energy… this single nutrient is the key to unlocking the best health of your life.

Imagine looking in the mirror each morning, noticing a fresh, youthful face looking back...

Picture your skin looking so amazing, you dare to go out with makeup...

And just think about people mistaking your age, not by years, but by a decade or more...

This Is Your Opportunity To
Reset Your Skin’s Biological Clock

Fortunately, Vitamin C is abundant, and inexpensive.

Unfortunately, encapsulating it in liposomes is very expensive.

But in this case, the “juice is worth the squeeze”.

And while AfterGlo is definitely more expensive than the Vitamin C you’ll find at Amazon or Whole Foods…

...it costs far less, for every precious milligram of vitamin C that your body actually absorbs.

So please, choose your AfterGlo package today:




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7 Signs You’re Deficient in Vitamin C...

1. You get sick more often than most people you know

Vitamin C keeps your immune system up and running. When you don’t have enough, your immune system weakens and you start catching every little thing that comes your way.

2. You bruise easily (and wonder what you could have run into)

A lack of vitamin C leads to weakened capillaries, so even a minor bump creates a bruise.

3. Your skin is dry or scaly

Vitamin C deficiency is often the culprit behind chronic dry skin and even those annoying small bumps on the back of arms or thighs. This is because vitamin C is so closely linked to collagen.

4. You have brittle hair and nails

In the grand scheme of things, hair isn’t a very important part of the body. That’s why nutrients like vitamin C are sent to more essential areas first, and hair just gets the leftovers – if there are any.

5. Nosebleeds are a regular occurrence

This happens for the same reason bruising does. Inadequate levels of vitamin C equals weakened and fragile blood vessels.

6. Your joints are swollen and/or sore

This critical vitamin plays a key role in fighting inflammation, which as you may know is the cause of conditions like arthritis. One study showed that people low in vitamin C were 3 times more likely to develop arthritis than those who ate a C-rich diet.

7. Cuts or burns seem like they take a long time to heal

Collagen is the tissue that binds a healing wound, and it can’t do so properly without vitamin C. This fact has been known since 1937 when doctors noticed spontaneous breakdown of surgical wounds in patients low in vitamin C.

If you identify with one or more items on this list, there’s a good chance you need more vitamin C in your diet.

Our 365-Day Guarantee

And our AfterGlo guarantee is simple.

You MUST be completely satisfied in three different ways or you don’t pay a penny.

  • If you’re not thrilled with the way Del Mar™ Liposomal Vitamin C makes you look… you’re entitled to a full refund
  • If you’re not certain Del Mar™ Liposomal Vitamin C is head and shoulders above any other Vitamin C supplement you may have tried… you’re entitled to a full refund…
  • If you’re not blown away by your skin’s texture, smoothness and clearness, you too are entitled to a full refund.

We firmly believe that AfterGlo is far and away the best, most potent, most effective, beauty-building Vitamin C supplement out there.

And if you disagree for ANY reason, you don’t pay a penny. It’s that simple.




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For The Health Of Your Skin
AND Your Whole Body…
AfterGlo Is Simply Unbeatable

Nourish the skin from within - those are the words that gave birth to Del Mar Laboratories.

And with AfterGlo, I’m proud to say that we’re delivering one of the most potent skin-nourishing, health-improving supplements in the world.

With this special formula, you won’t just see the results, you’ll feel them.

So please, place your AfterGlo order today, for noticeably firmer, more beautiful skin from within.

Dr. Paul Chasan




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