Skin Beautifying Lessons From the Inuit


In the 1960s, the Inuit in Greenland surprised Danish scientists with how healthy they were... despite consuming an extremely fatty diet of seal, fish, and whale meat.

What the scientists discovered was this extra fatty diet actually keeps an important “ratio” in check.

When this ratio becomes distorted...

You start to suffer from dry, irritated skin, plummeting energy levels, weird aches and pains, a cloudy mind stuck in a daze, and the strange feeling that you’re a “little off”...

The Inuit, who commonly had a “ratio” of 4:1, weren’t the first people to eat this way, either. Hunter-gatherers who consumed mostly land animals also experienced a well-balanced ratio of 3:1.

Thanks to the Western diet, can you guess what this ratio looks like today?

A whopping 16:1!

That’s like experiencing 4 times worse skin conditions… 4 distracting pimples instead of one. 

Now I’m referring, of course, to your omega-6:omega-3 essential fatty acid (EFA) ratio.

Omega-6s and omega-3s are like opposite sides of the same coin—omega-6s are pro-inflammatory, and omega-3s are anti-inflammatory. When these essential fatty acids (EFAs) are balanced, you lower your risk of health complications across the board by controlling proper inflammation.

Unfortunately, our modern food supply is swimming in inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids.

Almost any vegetable oil—palm, canola, corn, soy—is filled with omega-6’s. These dangerous oils are found in everything from restaurant food to your favorite snacks.

Our bodies weren’t designed to function with such a heavy intake of omega-6s. A high omega-6:omega-3 ratio turns your body into an inflammation-producing machine, leaving you with:

  • Saggy, leathery skin covered in creases, fine lines, and wrinkles...
  • Chronic inflammation, which can increase the risk of all inflammatory diseases…
  • Sky high blood pressure…
  • A stunted immune response that provides little defense against outside threats, such as COVID, flu, colds, and other viruses… and more.

  • So if you can’t eat wild-caught salmon every day, it is critical that you find new ways to add more omega-3 to your diet.

    (Luckily for you, there’s a convenient solution that doesn’t involve chewing on sardines for breakfast...)

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