Young Skin Therapy

Why does skin get dry, spotted and wrinkled as we age?

According to Dr. Paul Chasan,  it’s pure biology.

“When we’re young, our bodies produce a lot of the nutrients we need to produce fresh, new skin. But as we age, the body quite literally stops producing these nutrients, so skin begins to collapse from the inside.”

That’s a problem for moisturizers, lotions and serums. 

These topical treatments merely sit on top of the skin, so while they may temporarily improve its appearance, they don’t improve its quality

On this matter, Dr. Chasan doesn’t mince words:

“For years, the big beauty companies have profited by selling magic tricks… but since most topicals don’t penetrate the skin, they can’t deliver true restorative effects.”

Nearly a decade ago, Dr. Chasan set out to solve this problem for himself. The research and development took far longer than he expected, but last year, he finally began trials at his clinic for a new “skin nourishing therapy.”

“We studied what happens to skin as it ages, and what nutrients it needs to grow look just like it did when we were younger. It wasn’t easy to figure it out, but once we saw the trial results, we knew the hard work had paid off.”

Until recently, the only way to try Dr. Chasan’s new therapy was to book an appointment at his clinic, in Del Mar, California.

But after years of trials with breathtaking results, and a 100% safety record, he has finally decided to make his “Young Skin Therapy” available HERE.

Says Dr. Chasan: “I’ve spent most of my life helping people feel more beautiful and confident, but I’ve always needed a scalpel and an operating room. So it’s extremely exciting that so many people are getting such incredible results with a non-invasive therapy.”

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