Total Package Serum

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Total Package Serum ingredients
Total Package Serum 1 bottle
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Total Package Serum ingredients

“This replaced five different products, and my skin looks even tighter and smoother.”

Christie, Verified Customer



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Your new “one and done” anti-aging treatment, Total Package Serum is here to…

  • Lift and tighten the look of sagging, drooping skin
  • Smooth out the appearance of fine lines and “etched in” wrinkles
  • Dramatically boost moisture, firmness and plumpness
  • Clear up dark spots and brighten the complexion

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You Truly Need One Skincare Product - This Is It

Total Package Serum is a silky, “one-and-done” daily serum for smoothing, firming, clarifying and adding moisture to your face. It’s everything you need for that “total package effect.”

Imagine replacing all of your topicals with this one little vial, and getting even better results. Its ingredients have been clinically shown to deliver visible, touchable changes to your appearance in just 14 days.

Targets All Four Signs Of Aging

Aging skin isn’t one issue… it’s four of them.

Fine Lines & Etched-In Wrinkles: Also known as “dynamic wrinkles,” these are caused by repeated muscle contractions, which pull your skin into muscular grooves around your eyes and lips.

Sagging, Drooping Skin: Also known as “static wrinkles,” these are formed by years of gravity’s pull, especially as our collagen-elastin matrix weakens.

Dry, Dull Skin: It’s natural for the skin to lose moisture and plumpness over time, as skin gets weaker, and the body produces fewer moisture-catching agents.

Dark, Splotchy or Leathery Skin: Free radicals from sun exposure, diet, and other lifestyle factors can really wreak havoc on our complexion, leaving it rough and full of dark spots.

Each of these problems has their own root cause… so each one needs its own targeted solution.

The Total Package, In One Daily Serum

Every drop of Total Package Serum is bursting with five potent ingredients, to give you maximum coverage.

Argireline: some people call this peptide “botox in a bottle”, because it targets your dynamic wrinkles - those are the fine lines and creases you get around your eyes, and your mouth.

Matrixyl 3000: this peptide targets static wrinkles - the gravity-induced “sagging” that happens when your collagen breaks down. One study showed it led to 8.6% thicker skin, 16% less roughness, and 68% less wrinkle depth!

Matrixyl Synthe-6: this peptide targets dynamic wrinkles - the fine lines - which have become etched-in, static wrinkles. Lab tests showed 62% less wrinkle depth, and a 77% increased “tightening effect” in those problem spots.

Hyaluronic Acid: it’s one of the hottest ingredients around, and for good reason! It helps your skin attract and hold onto moisture like nothing else, for a beautiful lifting, plumping effect.

Stay-C: If your face is dull, leathery or showing dark age spots, you’ll love this patented Vitamin C extract. It’s clinically shown to help improve your skin’s brightness, and also help reduce the look of redness, acne, and even sun exposure!

How Much To Use & When To Use It

Use Total Package Serum twice a day, morning and night, for best results. It’s a perfect “base layer” to apply under your SPF, concealer, or any other makeup. The formula melts into your skin with no flaking or residue. Results get better with time, so make sure to stock up for the best savings and results.

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Lourdes C.
United States United States

Lifting in a bottle

I like how the serum helps tighten up my skin. Love it!

Del Mar Laboratories Total Package Serum Review
Brenda B.
United States United States

Product review

I love your products, the best thing about your product is they do not make me nauseated which is a big deal for me, I have stomach issues for which I take medication and your product made me smile , also I will get my check soon so I can get the Gold package again, also with all your creams I look like a pampered movie star Lol , if people ask I enthusiastically tell them and of course the proof is in my skins beauty, so with my light and your products I am more radiant ❤️. I think I am perfect for your product, with all the products I can already see effects, so awesome, anyway see ya soon, in three months, my hair will be grown out and I will be quite the queen

Del Mar Laboratories Total Package Serum Review
Vianney S.
United States United States

I love this product!

I’ve been using this product every night and I really love how my face feels. I wake up to a face feeling beautiful and actually more tight.

Del Mar Laboratories Total Package Serum Review
United States United States

Total Package Serum - Great product!

I ordered this product earlier this year when it was just advertised. My skin tone has become more even and radiant. This is definitely one DML product that is my fave! I waited for a long time to receive it, but it has been amazing. Photo attached is a result of my using the serum in the last 3 months only, no adjustments made to the pic, no make-up except lip color.

Del Mar Laboratories Total Package Serum Review
Paula C.
United States United States

Fantastic Product

Love ❤️ the serum, have been using for 30 days and actually see results. I was curious of the claim of results but glad I tried it. Great product!

Susie F.
United States United States

New user - TOTAL SERUM

Loved it; i am on my second bottle and there is a visible difference. I just finished my second bottle tonight and am ordering now before I finish the last bottle.

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